Saturday, 25 November 2017

Chatterbox Clara Goes To Dèjá Vu in Malahide

After a morning stroll along Malahide beach, the first thought that comes to mind is food. There is such a tremendous selection of cafes and restaurants in Malahide but the place that stands out to me in this quaint town is Déjà Vu on Old Street.

It was 11:30am on Sunday morning and I arrived to the extremely busy, Parisian style restaurant with the sweet smell of pastries drifting out the door and the soothing sound of Ella Fitzgerald floating through the air. You walk through a ruby-coloured, velvet curtain into the restaurant and the plush, red, velour décor transports you back to a 1920s state of mind.

Following a warm welcome by the hostess, I was brought to a table by the window and looked through the Brunch and Lunch menus, which are served from 9am to 4pm daily and my eyes were immediately drawn to the Pain Perdu which is a French toast made with sweet brioche, served with bacon and maple syrup. I noticed the family next to me tucking into it so that sealed my decision.

I was feeling extra peckish so I also opted to have a Chicken Caesar Salad, which is served with pulled chicken breast, crispy cured ham, avocado, baby gem lettuce, caesar dressing and parmesan shavings. It was one of the many gluten free options on the menu and there was an ample choice of vegetarian options such as the popular Veja Vu Breakfast of avocado, spinach, poached egg, potato cake, Portobello mushroom, cherry tomatoes and toast.

One of the features of the restaurant that I found visually pleasing was the fact that the kitchen was visible from the seating area and you could see the chefs cooking your food. After a wait of around 15 minutes, the Pain Perdu was served. The brioche was fluffy, the bacon crispy and the syrup tied the flavours together. I found it the perfect balance of sweet and savory.

The Chicken Caesar Salad was deliciously blended. The crispy cured ham stood out to me and as I don’t normally like cured ham that was unexpected. The waiter recommended the sticky toffee pudding and I couldn’t turn down my favourite dessert! It was served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top and drizzled with toffee sauce. It was a splendid treat for the palate! 

I asked for the bill and the meal came to a total of €26. The Pain Perdu was €8.50, the Chicken Caesar Salad €12.50 and the Sticky Toffee Pudding €5. I decided to have a glass of Prosecco, priced at €6 to finish off my dining experience in Dèjá Vu. I sat back, opened my book and listened to the soothing French music playing in the background. I highly recommend Dèjá Vu for an authentic Parisian experience. Bon Appetit!