Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Recipe: Spicy Honey And Garlic Sauce

Spicy Honey And Garlic Sauce

Yesterday, I posted the photo below on all of my social media accounts (see left-hand side of the blog page) of a sauce that I'd made. Over the last few months, I've been cooking from scratch a lot so I thought that I'd share this recipe with you because it tasted so good! This recipe is perfect for chicken or prawns!


Serves 3 

5 chicken breasts 

1/2 a cup of liquid honey

2 cloves of garlic (pressed) 

Chilli flakes (add your own preference for spice) 

1 1/2 half tbsp of virgin olive oil

2 tbsp of maggi seasoning (soy sauce can be used as a substitute) 

2 tsp of sugar (optional) 

Coconut oil but any oil can be used instead to fry with, I just prefer coconut oil. 


1) Fill half a cup with the liquid honey and add the virgin olive oil and maggi seasoning into the cup. Stir together. 

2) Slice the garlic cloves into pieces and press them so as they're nearly like a paste.  

3) Slice the chicken and add the coconut oil to a hot pan (I used a wok). When the coconut oil has completely melted add the chicken and garlic. 

4) As the chicken begins to look cooked add the honey sauce mixture into the pan. 

5) Sprinkle the sugar over the chicken and stir (optional) 

6) Add your desired amount of chilli flakes, this gives it a kick. I used loads because I love spice!

There you have it a delicious, spicy honey and garlic sauce! Let me know what you think of it. To see more from me check out my Instagram, Facebook page and Twitter. Links to all of these are at the left-hand side of the blog page Enjoy, Clara x 

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